Time to Catch Up on your Dr. Who

So I was thinking about what would be a great way to start of my new blog for Doctor Who. That’s when I came up with the first idea for ” The Doctors Companions.” As some of you might know one if the best places to watch Dr. Who is on Netflix. But i thought of a way to provide you all with the latest Dr. Who with the push if a button. On Doctor Who’s website they are playing the whole series with a new episode , I believe, each week. So I came up with the idea that each week I will provide you with the latest link to a new doctor who episode!! Hope you enjoy this idea!! 🙂

This week on Doctor Who we have episode 9 off of Season 5 called “Cold Blood.” To find out what happens to the Dr. And his friends click the link :-). Hope you enjoy 🙂 Cold Blood Watch now as it’s only playing for 5 more days!


3 thoughts on “Time to Catch Up on your Dr. Who

  1. Harry Robins says:

    Thanks for the link, I’ve always liked that episode – My favourite is the ‘Pandorica Opens’ and ‘the Big Bang’

  2. Coralina says:

    please keep with this pace, i am going to follow all of your blogs.http://www.intersalud.net

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